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EPISODE 8: Keeping Up With The Lost Episodes 2

So, we resumed school for a new semester (May still), I had a huge project right in front of me, a charity outreach of the children foundation I run, where we planned to celebrate children’s day with the needy kids by donating uniforms, schools socks, sandals, underpants and vests, in an event themed “Dress-A-Child”. I couldn’t resume classes immediately because of the running around; for the preparation of the event. Then results came trickling in and I couldn’t be less grateful; although, I knew I could do better, but thank God there was none less than average. The result for the poetry competition was also released and I didn’t make the long or shortlist, I then told a poet friend of mine, who also didn’t make it that “guess it’s the time for those who did, afterall, we both made it to the KCCNP and life is sometimes about give and take.” The charity event was later  held on the 31st of the month (May) and it was a huge success too. Again, I couldn’t be less grateful to God Almighty, because it initially appeared like just a dream; trying to dress over 200 pupils of a public primary school. But it was achieved, and 50 pupils got new uniforms, 50 pairs of sandals were distributed and socks, underpants and vests, and other school items were distributed indiscriminately among over 200 of the kids. 

May also marked the beginning of the Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan, a month we anticipate so much that we pray fervently to witness it, so we can earn lots of benefits from it. We’re therefore presently in the month and it’s been showers of blessing by the Almighty, as long as one keeps up the good works and acts of worship are done appropriately. 

June is here now, and with it comes new opportunities, renewal of dreams, rekindling of visions, pursuance of passions, realignment of priorities; Faith, Family, Academics, Dream, Career,  Passion and whatever comes and is admittable. Just recently, someone asked me how my husband feels about me taking up new roles. I said “My husband knows the kind of lady he’s married to, and rather than complain about my activities he accepts wholly that this is a woman who can go from being a wife at one point, to being a mother at a point, to being a journalist the next moment, to being an entrepreneur this moment, then a charity worker at that moment, and to being a student at another point to being whatever she wants to be at any point…” I remember him teasing me that “…you want to do everything, every single thing…” and I’ll tell him to just keep praying for me and supporting me, with that and God’s guidance, there’s no limit to where or what I can do. 

I’ll keep you posted on the events in June by God’s will… But believe me, my timeline is filled up already. My newest quote “I’m set upon a path… So help me God.”

Thanks for reading! 

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