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Episode 4: Busy Week = Presentation, Test and Debate… 

It’s a new week already! I missed the previous week’s episode of my journal; a lot has been going on as usual and the days of my weeks always scream “busy!”.  To say I had a busy last two weeks would be an understatement, last week alone, we had a presentation that was postponed from the previous week, it is to form part of our continuous assessment for contract class. It went well after all and we were all happy because we had put in our very best and the lecturer, a professor of law, had nice words for us. 

Interestingly, I was the presenter, though we were informed from the onset that the lecturer could call on anyone else for conclusion; that she did. But the beauty of it all was the spirit of unreserved team work. After witnessing other groups’ presentations and the poor comments from the lecturer, I couldn’t help but appreciate my group members over again. We worked tirelessly and met several times, with very insignificant dispute as we all had a common goal; to succeed in the presentation, so everything that would help in achieving that was embraced, and yes! It paid off. 

And there was the poetry performance we did at the Gani Fawehinmi Students’ Chamber’s annual symposium the previous Friday, it was fun yet challenging and also insightful because the chief speaker, Dr. Obi Ezekwesili, had very encouraging words for the youths to take back Nigeria with their voices. Coincidentally our performance was themed “Voices” too, we had positive feedbacks from our audience and we became more determined as members of the “parliament of poets” to do more with our ‘voices’  through poetry. 

So, I saw my babies last weekend and this of course, and it gets harder to leave them behind now, because my lil’ man recognizes me a lot now that he begins to watch my move to the moment he sees me dressed up, I’ll then resort to all sort of tricks to leave unsuspecting. But his sister, mini-me, has no issue with my leaving, as long as I provide her with something to munch on before I leave, she would wave her small hands and bid me farewell, she even looks happy sometimes, reassured in her little mind that she’ll see me soon again. 

Also, I’m doing all I can to ensure that my marriage doesn’t bear the grunt of my educational pursuit entirely. My husband has been very understanding thereby supportive, but I know not to take things for granted, so each time I’m home, I make sure I do all the necessary duties expected of me, and I ensure we save time for a little chat as well; it’s important to remain friends after all, not just bed partners. 

Now, I have to drop my pen, I have another test to prepare for, then a debate,  and our examination of course which is barely 30days away. I never stop to pray for God’s continuous mercy  and guidance because forging ahead despite all has only being by his grace and mercy. 

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