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Episode 3: Writer’s Block or Busy Schedule… 

Been a while since I published my last post. I’ve been super busy – true, but I feel I’m also experiencing a writer’s block. But that’s about to change now, at least I started writing this already. 

No one promised me it would be easy, pursuing one’s dream or vision is not meant to be easy, anyone who finds it easy is not doing it right, yes. I’ve been so wrapped up in school works lately I hardly find time to do other stuffs, but I made sure to check on my babies during the weekends, though I couldn’t spend as much time as I would have loved to the weekend before the last, I managed to be with them nevertheless. Every time I could spare to be with them was what I promised myself I would use, and I intend to do so regardless of how little the time is, a few hours would work as well as an entire weekend, just to get myself ready to forge through a new week. 

Lectures have been interesting but very demanding. Each lecturer comes to class to dump whatever lesson they feel we should know at this stage and gives an assignment like he/she is the only one teaching us. Learning condition is zero, but we can not preach “zero tolerance”  in our conditions as we’ll be the ones to bear the grunt still as Zero is the least difficult grade to award students. 

 Did I mention our cases, case laws, Constitution sections etc.? We have to remember them a lot more than we remember our names or the names of our fathers. And what about the monochrome affairs? From the White and black dresses to black and white attitudes of students and some lecturers even. 

So, we did a CAT (continuous assessment test) just the other day, and yes we were tested like our lives depended on it. Well, our grades actually do and if grades are used to measure one’s success in life, then  our lives depend on it, but I know better, a few of us do. It is no news that what applies out  there on the field, in the “outside world” i.e beyond your lecture rooms, textbooks, outdated libraries, over stroked lecture notes etc., is a different (with a capital D) world entirely. Survival of the fittest is what’s at play, so as much as you spend time to build an academically strong standing for yourself, take time out to build  your fitness; socially, psychologically, economically and religiously, as those would ensure your survival in this world. 

The test went well, in the least, it would help us get prepared for the examination coming up in less than two months. Another test is slated to hold by next week and a lot of us are quite prepared already, I’m not by the way. 

We now have a lot of elderly ones in class (they got admission through direct-entries)  and even I, as oldly-young as I am, wonder what exactly brought each of those people back to study law. These are men and women who have done their 1st degrees and quite a few of them have also done their second degree and are now working. Ironically, a few of them show more seriousness than the younger folks. I remember asking the 57-year-old man in my class once what brought him to study Law, and he told me it was his dream to become a lawyer and he doesn’t believe that he’s too old to pursue his dream. I want to assume that the other elderly ones share in that sentiment too, at least I’ll permit myself to assume that until I’m able to ask a few more amongst them. I actually relate with him, for a dream ceases to be a dream until you live it, thereby making it come to life. As Walt Disney famously quoted: All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pusue them.

It’s another weekend already, and as usual, home calls! 

Thanks for reading! 

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8 thoughts on “Episode 3: Writer’s Block or Busy Schedule… 

  1. Wow! What an interesting and captivating write up! What else can I say than to seriously advise our government ,more especially, to stand up to their responsibilities. And to those who shy away to go back to school irrespective of their ages, please age is nothing but a figure.


  2. Wow! This is splendid and direct. As an undergraduate, I also asked myself (I still do so now post undergrad days) “Why do people who already have first or second degrees in disciplines other law stand to gain from reading law?” Oh, one might say the legal profession is a prestigious one and that’s the lure. But then, does it mean other professions aren’t prestigious? I can relate with the multiple assignments scenario… survival of the fittest!


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