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The White, The Black and The In-between. 


Just a few days ago I was home and thinking: The Holidays is finally over and most schools would resume in a couple of days time. The kids are back from their holiday with their paternal grandma and getting set to be returned to my mom’s place. I still have quite a few things to sort out before leaving for school as well, so I got the kids to my mom’s as soon as I could, with the hope of spending an additional week after the yuletide and new year holidays at home and sorting what’s left to be sorted out before I resume another session. 

Plans changed. I received a message late Monday, 2nd of January night that we have a lecture the following day by 9:30am and that was the beginning of my disrupted plans and my monochromic journey. These lecturers don’t even want to give us a chill pill, I thought to myself, determined not to miss any lecture this session (if I can help it), especially not the first, I woke my husband up gently and informed him. 

I had intended to run an errand for him the next day and now a lecture is to hold. There were however some other challenges; what do I wear and how do I go to school all through the week, as home is quite far from school. Some of the things I had intended to sort out that week was completing my dresses, the white and black dresses we’ll be required to wear henceforth. I had collected money from my husband to buy clothing materials, I told him I wanted to make the dresses myself so I could launch my fashion outfit gradually, as a lot of people are not aware I design and make dresses and that is not a passion which I want to die, I intend to grow it as much as circumstances permit. He obliged and gave me his usual speech of “just don’t lose your focus with all these things you keep dabbling into.” I was happy and I set out to work, that was a few weeks ago. Now It’s time to start wearing these dresses and I’m not entirely through with them. I searched through the heap and finally caught one that had been completed already, great! Now, I prepared my mind, I have to wake up as early as possible, so I can leave home on time in order to get to school in time for the lecture. 

Here I am now, I made it on that day and we’ve been receiving lectures seriously. Its been a little challenging as I didn’t get an accommodation on campus so I went from home for a few days, but now, I’m staying somewhere not as far as home, though not entirely close to school as well. I’ve since gone back home to sort what’s left to be sorted, and also paid a visit to my babies at my parents’ place. 

It has been wonderful seeing a lot of my course mates and some new faces that just joined us too; the “diploma”  and “D.E” students. Cute faces in their white and black dresses, “uniform” as some would call it, proud of their of choice of discipline. Happy to have made it so far. Several determined to continue doggedly and a few still not sure of what they signed up for.  

I’m also one, trying to sort myself,  within, now, in the pursuit of my dream, engaging in my passions, doing my little businesses and of course being there for my family. I have faith though – The only thing that keeps me going. 

We’re all in this journey together; the white, the black and what’s in-between for each and every one of us, and we still have quite some distance ahead of us. 

The journal is back in this second series which promises to be more fun! 

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